Joan of Arc

I know I haven't written about my work for a while.
Yesterday I was being productive with listing a few things, two of which had been lying around for months, for whatever reason. I don't do WIP Wednesdays, it just happened to be Wednesday.
I also made something, though. It's something that surprised myself a bit, but I'm happy I have done it, also for myself. First comments differed and I was happy about that, too. This is not supposed to be a smooth and pretty bling piece.
The idea for it came a few weeks ago although then I didn't think it would turn out to be a ring. That's the fault of my wire order arriving and the fact that one of the "colors randomly chosen" 21 gauge wires was gunmetal.

I won't have to introduce Joan of Arc, she is famous enough.
My Joan of Arc is not a beautiful woman. She is tired, solemn, marked by the experiences she went through.
Her face is made from polymer clay in a mix of skin color and red. It's not smooth, it carries the traces of the battles Joan went through.
The "chain mail" that surrounds her face is from gunmetal colored copper wire, a color that fits perfectly.

It was a lucky coincidence that this month's Smoosher challenge is "Medieval" because it made me work on my idea. I love those challenges.
Joan is in my ArtFire studio now.

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