Meet Haffina from ...

From ... Hm, this is a tough one because I don't even know where to start.
Haffina is one of the busiest, most creative persons I ever got to meet online. How she does it, no idea, but I bow to her.
She lives in Australia, is a mother of five, she beads, she makes chainmaille, she's a columnist, active in a few forums, guild master, has several shops - and she works with polymer clay. Are you tired just reading this? I am. And undoubtedly I forgot a few things!
Now here I am sitting and supposed to pick favorites from her shops. No matter what I'll pick, I'll always have the feeling I left something out!

I'll concentrate on Haffina's two ArtFire studios, Haffina Creations which is her jewelry shop there and Beads By Haffina where she offers her polymer clay beads.

Let's have a look at this beautiful seed bead bracelet first. I love the cool and classic feel to it.
Quite fitting for a bride, don't you think?

This chainmaille necklace has really caught my eye. What a perfect balance in design and color!

Dark Cosmos is a great name for this focal bead. Looking into the depth I wouldn't be surprised if suddenly a shooting star or a glowing starship would appear out of the mysterious swirls.

Haffina likes to experiment and sometimes I think the results even leave herself breathless. My favorites among her faux stone collection are these gorgeous "turquoise" cabs.

I hope she will never stop experimenting and leaving us in awe. You go, girl!
And you, my dear readers, check out her studios to see so much more and don't forget her blog which will lead you to the other venues you can find - Haffina.


  1. Haffina is the most amazing person I have ever met. I mean that in every way. She is talented, hard working and such an amazing person. I am so glad to know her.

  2. Haffina is so incredibly talented! She is a creative tour de force!

  3. I don't know how she does it, just amazing!

  4. Aww, thank you so much Cat. My online family keep me inspired and wanting to create, and Im happy to count you, Star and other Smooshers amongst that family.