Where would I be ...

... without my secretary?

Unfortunately he joined the union and they made me give him regular naptime. Wherever he chooses to take them.


  1. He isn't napping he is guarding your caps lock so you won't hit it by accident :D

  2. what a kind kitty! I hate hitting caps lock by accident!

  3. Yours is all black and still so kind!! Mine is all white and she's true evilness. My laptop slipped off off my lap once cos of her followed by a few other misuses and now the whole numeric keypad is gone..gone with the wind. whoosh..:D :D

  4. Amna, this is just what he likes to show the world. He can be a mean little bugger, not because he's evil, but because he's filled with so much energy when he's not napping! *lol*

    We also used to have an all white one, now he was the perfect gentlecat.