Cardiff - Day Three

We had been recommended to go and see St Fagans National History Museum.
It's an open-air museum on the grounds of St Fagans Castle and gardens. Over forty original buildings have been re-erected here, so interesting!
Don't worry, I won't show you forty pictures now.

I'll show you Kennixton farmhouse with its bright red walls (for protection against evil spirits?).

Ever heard of a prefab? To fight housing shortage after the war government mass produced bungalows from scrapped aircraft and waste metal. They proved so popular that there are still hundreds around in which people live!

This is the Gwalia store. In the left part of the building there is set up a store from the old times which gave me a really nostalgic feeling. In the right part of the building is a "real" shop selling Welsh specialties and upstairs is a tearoom in the 1920s style that we missed out on because suddenly one of my teeth acted up and distracted me. I wonder if they would have had special Welsh pain relievers for me in the store! ;-)

One of my favorites was the smallest post office in Wales furnished like in war times. I think here I wouldn't have been able to get lost, either.

There were so many more interesting buildings, a church, farmhouses from different eras, a photographer's shop, a smithy, a saddlery - sometimes you can watch craftsmen working there, but not when we were there unfortunately.

We then decided to walk on and that is when we met him - Lionel, a caterpillar crossing the road. He was in a bit of a hurry, so he didn't have time to talk, but he let me take his picture.

They were not so much in a hurry in their field of grass. I admit I am drawn to black animals ("Witch, witch, burn her!!" *grin).

Finally we came to St Fagans Castle which actually is an Elizabethan manor house. My favorite was the reproduction of the kitchen set up as if preparing for a big meal. I panic in my own kitchen, but the size of those utensils, oh my!

Most of all I enjoyed the garden, though. I would have liked to stay longer.

If you ever come to Cardiff, go to St Fagans, I can only recommend it.

And last, but not least, my favorite shots (almost, but I'm not allowed to post the one with the tall guy walking into the light although it looks so cool).
Once with flash, once without. Isn't this beautiful? I could see myself in a lavish gown, walking here ...

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  1. Lovely photos, and it looks like a great place to visit.