Fantasy Clay - an introduction

If you hear Fantasy Clay, you already might be on the right track now.
Susan whose studio is named that way indeed works with polymer clay and she has a lot of fantasy that she puts into really fun pieces. She's another member of the Polymer Clay Smooshers.

It was hard to choose from her dragons, monsters and aliens, but here are my favorites now.

Griffin is half lion, half eagle. He looks very impressive, just imagine him swooping down! On the other hand he has such a sweet, shy look in his eyes ...

I like vampires, just not the new kind. I'm an old-fashioned girl and that's why this vampire appeals to me so much, I guess.
Vlad looks a little annoyed and grumpy. Who wouldn't with all those youngsters around? I bet he never gets enough sleep at daytime!

This Face Wall Hanging is my favorite, however. Isn't this fun? And it makes you think. All those faces crammed into a little space ... is there room for one more?

Visit Susan at her ArtFire studio and at her blog and keep in mind that she loves to do custom orders!