Deronda and the magic of lampwork

It has been a while since I mentioned Deronda. The lady with the addictive lampwork beads? By now I do have a little stash of beads and cabs made by my favorite "lampies" and it was about time that I tried to incorporate some of them into new pieces.

Last time I got myself some bubble beads from Deronda.
The pink one has been turned into a simple little pendant with a crochet tube made from slip stitches only.

The blue ones that I could stare at forever are now the bottom part of these large earrings, also with crochet tubes, made from single crochet this time. What I like about using some kind of tube with lampwork is that the earrings don't get too heavy. I can't wear heavy earrings for long myself and I'm sure there are others that can't either.

My absolute favorites are the melties, though.
The bubbles on this cab look like big berries to me and I seem to feel a sweet taste on my tongue when I look at them.

I think the pattern on the back is just as beautiful as the front which is why I made sure the pendant can be worn both ways, even if the bezel is bigger on the back. We don't want that cab to slip out, right?

If you like glass, go to Deronda's ArtFire studio. There are so many more beads that I'm lusting after. Whenever I have just ordered something and it's on the way, bang, there are more beauties in her studio!

This is a sneak preview by the way. None of these pieces has been listed yet.


  1. Beautiful as always. I love the beads, and I saw two pieces I now own on your "my flickr". I've gotten tons of compliments on them. Thank you again! <3

  2. I just love Deronda's beads. They have become my addiction. She does exceptional work and is a delight to work with.

  3. I don't make jewelry but her beads make me wish I did. I just love Deronda. She is my muse.

    Does anyone else see a dancing fairy on the back side of that meltie cabochon?

  4. Awww...and many thanks for the kind words. There is always sheer delight when I see my bits come to life in the hands of talanted artists.

  5. Star, I saw her, too (before I read your comment)! I think she wants to pick those big berries! :-D

  6. I stopped by to see what you had done with my friend Deronda's beads and wow do I ever like what you are doing.

  7. Thank you so much! Deronda's beads are a true inspiration for me and it makes me happy to hear people approve of the results.