Quote of the week

Today's quote is not from a movie, but from one of my all-time favorite TV series.
When I got the DVD collection, I had to stay at home after a surgery and I suffered from nightly insomnia. What a perfect timing! I sat on the couch, knitted and watched Diana Rigg and Patrick Macnee.

The Avengers were exciting and big fun and I've loved them ever since I was a child. Diana Rigg as strong, smart and sexy Emma Peel, what a woman she was. Patrick Macnee, the British gentleman, always cool, with a little smile on his face - I adored him. I still do.

And the quote? "Mrs. Peel, we're needed" of course!

The Avengers, UK, 1961 - 69 (not counting the "New Avengers")

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