Quote of the week

Today I'll present a quote from another of my favorite movies.
I have to admit that I don't get all the innuendos because I don't know much about Russian books. Wait, I don't think I know any, so you might say now that I'm into it just for the cheap laughs mostly. Oh come on, I said you might, not you have to. Sheeesh.

The movie is Love and Death by Woody Allen (yes, I also know this name brings up controversy, but I do like him), starring him and Diane Keaton.
Allen plays a Russian in the Napoleonic times, Boris Grushenko. Family and friends at a fest just got the news that there is war with Napoleon and Boris tries everything to get out of it. His mother however does not agree when he claims she won't let him go.

"He'll go and he'll fight, and I hope they will put him in the front lines."
"Thanks a lot, Mom. My mother, folks."

I'm very proud of my Mom and when I talk about her, that is what I often say. Even if (or because?) she isn't trying to "feed" me to Napoleon ..... ;-)

Love and Death, USA, 1975


  1. I love this movie! Haven't seen it in years, I should probably see it again. Thank you!