Walking around the house

I just wanted to take the trash downstairs, but then I saw him - Spidy. So I went back upstairs and got my camera. Oh, how I wish I knew how to really work a camera in these moments! The light could have been better too, but it doesn't come to the back of the house until later.
Spidy was working hard on his beautiful web, he just stopped for a second if the breeze got too strong.

I don't know if he went on strike finally because I kept molesting him or if he just needed a break, but here he is, as well as I could capture him, sitting still. Or maybe he didn't notice he had left out a bit?

While I was at it, I took a look around what was new.

I love fuchsias, always have. It's probably their bold color combinations that I would never dare to wear, but this fuchsia can pull it off easily.

This is a bud of a plant that I don't know the name of.

And before I was called back to the door by the mailman, I said hello to this rose.

Enjoy your weekend!