Cardiff - Day Two

Seems I forgot to take a picture of the breakfast buffet. Think I am kidding? I do know people are doing this, but you'll just have to believe me when I say it was a mix of continental and English breakfast. People were piling up those sausages and strips of bacon on their plates! Even I was lured into the scheme (of hot breakfast, not sausages and bacon).

Strengthened for the day that way we took off on our walk to the city center. Somehow we had expected it to be a little nearer. We could have taken a bus, but instead we walked and walked and walked. It was a warm day, but thanks to the steady wind it wasn't too much. The wind was there all the time and even forced me to put my hair in a braid, so I wouldn't have it in my mouth constantly. Bad enough that I had problems looking through my too long bangs that kept flying in my eyes!

Finally we made it to the city center. First we headed for the National Museum. We already thought we had found it.

But then I spied with my little eye ... this sign, in both English and Welsh of course, that told us it was City Hall. The National Museum was right next to it and boy, did we enjoy it.

First we looked at the photography exhibition which made me hide my little camera in shame. It was the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2009 exhibition and we were deeply impressed. We had a nice talk with a museum warden about it, too.
I enjoyed the whole museum a lot, especially the impressionists - and a little girl who told her grandmother "Listen, these people are speaking French!" Hm, not quite, but who cares. The direction was not that bad.

Next we went to Cardiff Castle. We saw the Castle Apartments and I chose my new workplace! Unfortunately it didn't seem they wanted to choose me! ;-)

We walked up the Norman Keep, with the Welsh flag proudly flying on top, almost all the way up, but then I decided my feet were really too big for the tiny stairs (and mine are not the biggest ones in the family!) and anyway I am not too keen on looking down from open spaces. The pictures were made through small loopholes that made me feel safe ...

By then we had been walking for a few hours and our feet (and the back) began to hurt, so we slowly made our way back to the hotel. Even though it was so far from city center, it was nice to come back to the quietude of the area, only disturbed by the "laughing" of the seagulls.

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