Move over, Santa Claus! - The third door

Sorry, Santa, but there are two new kids in town.

First we have Santa Gundel. She's fine with the job, but didn't like the outfit much. Finally she granted me a minute to get it over with and take pictures.

Then there's der Santa Dekan. He didn't mind the hat, but the mere idea of having to travel the whole world and go down chimneys and back up was very exhausting.
It definitely called for a (not so) little nap beforehand.
Children, if I were you, I'd count on Santa Gundel to bring you gifts, I don't think der Santa Dekan is up to the task!

P.S. I'm not a fan of clothes for my cats, but I couldn't resist trying this after finding that the hat of my Steiff Santa Claus replica wasn't attached to his head (anymore?). The size was so perfect.
Gundel removed the hat a few times with a flick of her head, but then gave in because sometimes that's easier than being annoyed by forever.
Der Dekan made it more difficult. I had to lure him onto the bed for a nap, and when he was awake again, he was still too tired to bother about a stupid hat.


  1. OMgosh, so cute! Great photos and the cats actually look quite cozy. I think if der Daken was given the task of delivering toys, he'd end up keeping them all for himself! I know Christmas cards aren't really a tradition in Germany, but those photos would make wonderful Christmas cards. :)

    1. I think you are right, he probably would keep everything. No idea because it would be because he's too lazy or too keen on keeping them, though!
      Christmas cards are a tradition here or have been, but I have never seen them displayed the way for the example the British do it which I always thought to be very cute. I just never have been good about it myself!

  2. These photos are so adorable! Those darn cats, always having their own opinions. LOL!


    1. I hadn't counted to get any pictures at all, but it was definitely worth being a little patient!