Christmas quote of the week - The eleventh door

Almost exactly eight years ago, I told you about the history of the Christmas tree.
Nowadays, with the tradition of putting up a Christmas tree having spread far and wide, it's unusual to think about a time when there were no trees. Not everyone was fond of the tree idea, though.

Inspector Brackenreid: Hey, Jackson! What do you think you're doing?
Constable Jackson: I ... I'm measuring the height of the ceiling, Sir. For the tree.
Inspector Brackenreid: The... There will not be a tree in here.
Constable Jackson: Wha... No tree?
Inspector Brackenreid: Bloody Germans and their idiotic traditions. Jackson, get down!
Detective Murdoch: Sir, a tree wouldn't be a terrible idea.
Inspector Brackenreid: This is a place of work, Murdoch, not a bloody herbarium.

Murdoch Mysteries - A Merry Murdoch Christmas, Canada, 2015

Now, you may know that the tradition of the Christmas tree started in Germany (maybe if you read my old post) which the inspector doesn't like much, but as an Englishman and loyal subject of his monarch Edward VII. (this is the year 1903) who was brought up in this tradition by his mother Queen Victoria and her German husband Albert, you would think he'd be a bit more open to it, wouldn't you?
Victoria and Albert even decorated the tree themselves before they let the children in to see it.

Drawing by Joseph Lionel Williams (via Wikicommons)

Actually we find out later that the inspector isn't fond of Christmas itself ... yet.


  1. I'm a couple of seasons behind in that program... must start watching it again!

    1. I'm eagerly waiting for the latest season to become cheaper!

  2. Maybe the inspector was worried about bugs, snakes or other critters coming inside with the tree! In 2020, an owl was found in the branches of the tree that was cut down and transported to Manhattan, NY, to be the Rockefeller Christmas Tree. The owl was rescued and released back into the wild after it recovered from its adventure. :)

    1. Poor little owl!
      Judging from other episodes, I think it's really about us "bloody Germans", lol.

  3. I love Murdoch Mysteries! To me, the Christmas tree is the best part of Christmas. But then some of my ancestors were German, so maybe it’s genetic. :D

    1. We have Christmas trees in our blood, lol!