Christmas quote of the week - The fourth door

I revived the quotes of the week especially for the advent calendar and today's quote is perfect following yesterday's post.
Imagine a small English village and its Women's Guild putting on a Cinderella panto at the village hall.
It starts with the auditions, one actor has to be lured in under some pretext as he really doesn't want to participate, there are talented people and not so talented people who present anything from dance to song.

My favorite audition is that of the young girl singing "Morning has broken" only to be chosen for a lizard footman.
I really wish they had shown the costume, it sounds fascinating! ;-)

It's also quite fascinating that there will be skeletons, mermaids, and Hawaiian dancers in the ballroom scene ....

Jam and Jerusalem, Special "Christmas Panto", UK, 2006


  1. That sounds quite interesting. I'm trying to wrap my head around skeletons, mermaids and Hawaiian dancers in a Christmas show! :)

    1. It sounds fabulously eccentric to me. I can't get over the lizard footman!

  2. That has to be the most interesting description of a play ever!