Merry Christmas - The twenty-fifth door

Merry Christmas!

As usual on the 25th, I'm taking a break, but don't want to miss to wish you a wonderful day, no matter if you celebrate Christmas or not, if you are alone or celebrate with your family, wherever you are in the world.

For the first advent calendar on this blog, I had "packed" a virtual box into which I put everything I thought was really important. Looking at it now, these things become more and more important to me as fewer and fewer people have them. I'll also add some that had been missing then.
Health, love, peace, friendship, hope, understanding and good communication, enough food and water, a safe roof above the head, laughter, creativity, and a planet surviving despite the things we have done and are still doing to it.

There's more, no doubt, so you are welcome to pack your own good wishes into that box.
Even if we can't have it delivered by a parcel service, we ourselves can help to deliver some of it in real in our daily lives.

P.S. The advent calendar has one more door tomorrow.


  1. And, belated Merry Christmas wishes to you, Cat! I love your virtual box. I will add the wish that someday all people will be able to exercise their right to live their lives as they wish, to love whom they want and to pursue whatever brings them happiness as long as they cause no harm to others. :)

    1. Those are wonderful wishes to add to the box!