The Monday collection - Ribbit ... ribbit ...

Of all the summer nights I spent at the farm of my godmother's parents as a child, I remember one in particular. We had that big campfire in the garden (I was about 7, it seemed very big to me), it was warm, the food was good, the children were running around, the grown-ups were talking ... and in the background you could hear the frogs and the crickets sing.
Oh, and there was the one time we went to the lake in the woods and there were all those little frogs on the path, so many of them. Okay, maybe they were toads, I didn't really care then, all that mattered was they were so cute.

This collection was made in memory of childhood summer nights. I found some great things, go check them out!

My blog layout doesn't like the large collections. Please click the picture to get to the original collection!

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Ness said...

I love the froggie collection, Cat. That mug is wonderful :)