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Ssssh. It's me. And yes, I am cheating a little. Did you think I forgot this post? I didn't, I just have something else on my mind at the moment, a big something. Cat-related, you know.

Blogger is so nice to let me backdate posts however, so I thought, oh what the heck, let's do that.

I'm surprised at myself for not sharing a quote from this movie with you before. I remember when a friend took me to the movies insisting I should see it. We were probably about fifteen people there at the time. The movie was in English with subtitles and just now I found I can't remember ever watching it in German. Sorry, enough rambling, we'll get to the quote now.

Rigby Reardon is a private detective who gets drawn into a fascinating case ... and he gets to meet some people who seem strangely familiar. The story has been mixed with scenes from other black and white movies, so we get to see Humphrey Bogart, Burt Lancaster, Cary Grant, James Cagney and lots of others, and it's not at all badly done for a movie from the early 80s.
Very unlike Reardon's aka Steve Martin's transformation into a lady .... that's bad.

Reardon: I was wearing a special perfume called "Fondle me". Its aroma drew Neff to me like fat to a mother-in-law.

He doesn't look as if he likes the fondling part much ;-)

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