Tears of the cloud

Once upon a time there was a little rain cloud. It was pretty cute for one that doesn't look all fluffy and white like cotton balls, but no one noticed. Whenever it went out to play, all the people down there started opening their umbrellas or running off.
The little cloud was very sad about that. Just because she was dark and grey didn't mean she was something to be scared of. She had never done anyone any harm and she didn't intend to.
One day when another bunch of people had fled just at the sight of her, she started crying. Suddenly she heard a laugh and she looked down in surprise. There stood a woman smiling at her who caught the cloud's tears in her hand ... and they were all sparkly and beautiful ...

Tears of the cloud one of a kind pendant

Cheesy, huh? I'm not saying I am this imaginary woman, but I do like rain, not just when I'm inside to watch it through the window.
The beautiful grey agate cab reminded me of a rain cloud, so I decided to really make it one. I crocheted a bezel for the cab, then I made the individual parts of the cloud, attached them to the bezel and to each other and topped it with a handwrapped bail.
The sparkly tears are clear Swarovski crystals which do not only set a contrast, but also bring movement to this one of a kind pendant which is available in my studio now.


  1. That's a good thing, I hope! Thank you, Gail :-D

  2. Oh, how beautiful Cat. Both the story and the piece...it's absolutely amazing. You did a wonderful job!

  3. I am catching up on blogs...I saw that little picture and had to catch up on this one!! Its a gorgeous piece. Beautiful :O)