Stop the thief! ;-)

Do you remember the Slouchies? I told you about them here. What you don't know yet is that one of them moved into my house where he has been standing on my desk, leaning at my box of business cards, smiling at me.
This is what Cleody told the world before I adopted my Slouchy:
"This little Slouchy has been naughty.
Apparently on their home planet, this little one got into the habit of stealing pretty trinkets from other Slouchies. After coming through the portal, we decided to give him another chance. However, it was apparent that his love for shiny things was too great. He began running around in a frenzy, giggling and hopping around, rolling in my jewelry and plucking shiny accessories from other Slouchies.
This little one is no danger to others, so he is allowed to function as any other Slouchy would. However, to keep him from stealing, he sleeps in a tiny jail cell made of popsicle sticks and he empties his little pockets every night before going into the cell. It's a pretty good system so far.
I hope whoever adopts this little one doesn't mind the occasional piece of jewelry going missing.
He's a little thief, but who could resist that little smirk?"

Yeah, now tell me it's not as if I haven't been warned, but it's true, I couldn't resist that little smirk and the little fellow makes me smile each time I look at him. Sometimes I discuss new designs or photos with him and he has been very helpful so far.
For some reason I started calling him Ben.

Well, today I had a look over there to the box and Ben was gone, but not alone. He had grabbed some of my unlisted pieces and made a run for it. I finally found him in my library where he tried to blend in. Too bad that brown wood and a jailbird outfit don't blend too well. Around his neck he wore three long lariats, wire crochet ropes, all of them with lampwork beads by Deronda Designs

He didn't hesitate to give them back to me, though, and he made my heart melt, so I let him wear the pair of earrings that I finished today, gunmetal colored hoops with sparkly Swarovskis all around.

I'm glad he hadn't seen my last two listed items, a bracelet and earrings, also both with lampwork beads by two of my favorite "fire" girls, from Pink Beach Studios and Melissa Vess.

Wire crochet rope bracelet with lampwork bead

Wire crochet rope hoops with lampwork beads

I guess now that Ben has licked blood, I'll have to have an extra eye on him. I don't even want to think about what will happen when he teams up with Ponder, my other master thief! ;-)

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