Random questions

Do you also have the feeling that your brain is working constantly? Can you hear it ticking and sometimes smell the smoke?

The brain is a miracle. Still sometimes I think something is wrong with mine. Why else would it come up with those detailed, yet oh so crazy dreams (which still can be lots of fun at times), why else does it take me on those quick train of thoughts that might start with cauliflower and end with a princess in fairy land?
And why does it keep asking questions to which I don't have an answer?

How come that you see a cat sitting in a spot, turn around for a second, and when you turn back, there's a different cat in the exact same spot?

Why is it you go to a store to get something and you end up buying everything else, but forgetting that "something"? Which of course you don't notice before getting back home.

How come that always the cat who has to go to the vet is the one disappearing when you come back home while the others stay around?

Why do I wake up early on a day off, but almost have to be shaken to wake up on a workday?

Does the city I have been dreaming of for decades exist and if it does, where is it and would I find my way around there without a map?

Why do I like cauliflower and broccoli, but can't stand romanesco?

Where do single socks really go? Is there something like a sock club? And why do they come back as soon as I have thrown the other one away?

Will I live to see all seasons of "Murphy Brown" published on DVD finally?

Who was the fool who made laptop keys so you can't put them back on yourself if one comes off? *staring at my crooked CTRL-key*

See what I mean? Instead I could concentrate on that laundry basket or that terribly unorganized materials drawer. In my dreams, guys, in my dreams! ;-)

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