Dein Helfer

That means "Your Helper" and that is what this little booklet is called and it gives "precious information and hints for house and home". It has a little thread on which you could hang it into your kitchen, I guess. I'm not sure if the sunshine of my life has tried to tell me something by getting this for me .... (actually I'm collecting old cookbooks ;-))
So how about if I share some of that precious information with you. We can talk about how to get spots out of your clothes or what to do in case your potatoes are frozen. I don't give any guarantee, however. You'll understand that.
The booklet was probably published in the late 40s, after the war. Some things might be handled differently nowadays, what do you think?

Let's start with the frozen potatoes, shall we?

"These must thaw slowly by being put into cold saltwater and brought into a warm room. That way they lose the sweet taste. You have to use them as quickly as possible then."

Now aren't you glad you know that now? Stay tuned for the next hint! ;-)

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