Patience is precious and doesn't come easy. Not to me, anyway. As you know the only exception is when I pick up the hook - or now the needle.
The following piece is one of those examples. It began as an experiment born from a childhood memory. When I was a child, I had a velvet ribbon with an embroidered colorful butterfly sewn to it. I don't know what happened to it. Now I can't embroider and I can't sew as you know, so I had to deal with this my way.
I'll cut the story short (just in case you don't have as much patience as me, hehe). I loomed a butterfly focal, I crocheted a wide choker (with a small hook because I'm weird that way) and then I brought those two together. It sounds short, but believe me, it wasn't.
Of course this idea didn't come alone, they never do, it brought along some pals that are waiting on my "inspiration list" now ...

And as I had worn out my patience, I then worked on my "Use up that stash or you will never be allowed to buy any beads again" project (don't mention the bead order I put in on Sunday) and made this ring with faceted stones left over from other pieces. Nothing like a little sparkle on your finger.
The ring is available in my shop now.