Quote of the week

Are you ready for a premiere? Today I didn't take my quote from a movie or a TV series, but from one of my all-time favorite comic strips. Its stars have been around for a long time and they are great not in a "right in the face" way, but in a subtle and intelligent way.
Mind you, what could be more subtle than a beagle being a world famous cashier or a WW I flying ace? ;-)

What do you want to be when you grow up? Linus decided to be a fanatic. A real fanatic. One who doesn't really care what to be fanatical about, though. Sort of a wishy-washy fanatic.
Then Charlie Brown sees him making weird faces.

Linus: I've decided I should be more than just a fanatic ... I'm going to be a wild-eyed fanatic!!

There's nothing to add to that.

Charles M. Schulz: But WE love you, Charlie Brown, 1959


  1. lool love charlie brown, absolute classic :D

  2. hahaha That's too funny! I always enjoy the quotes you choose. Great Post! <3

  3. Ha, if you think that is funny you should see my wild-eyed fanatic look! ;-)