Quote of the week

Oh my. It's evening already. It's not that I forgot about it being Sunday aka Quote Day, but I was preoccupied with something else. All day. Yeah, yeah, I know it's hard to believe, but that's the way it is.
Therefore I'll keep the post short now and write down what you may think now.

You don't have to lisp when you think it, but Vizzini who says it more than once in the movie does, I just wanted to give you an idea of it.
Actually there seems to be a lot of incontheivable things according to Vizzini. If you know the movie, you also know what I'm talking about.

P.S. Wallace Shawn who played Vizzini says people still come up to him saying this. I'm almost ashamed to say that I'm so unoriginal, I would probably do the same thing!


  1. LOVE the movie. Have seen it many, many times and still enjoy it :) Not incontheivable at all!

  2. looove the princess bride!! *happy memories* and i always remember the spanish guy saying, "you know, i dont think that word means what you think it means" and it just makes me giggle :P thanks for the quote of the week!

  3. I love the movie, too ... it really does have everything one could want for!

  4. Thank you for reminding me both of the movie and the quote. Love It!!