Tackle that stash - Beaded Bollywood necklace

Sometimes things just come together. This time I picked Preciosa Ornela Twin Beads, those are two hole beads, from my stash. As you know off loom beading is not necessarily my world and I only do it rarely.
Twin Beads and the loom are not close friends, however. I had to think of something else and decided on a simple stitch (without being sure it was Herringbone, but that's what it was), but several colors that would go nicely together. These colors were clear with an orange lining, a transparent pink and a lovely topaz with AB finish. The seed beads that I thought would pull all of those together are gold lined crystal.

After beading for a while the necklace took on a Bollywood feel to me. I don't know if it's the lacy look or the color combination or both, but being a bit of a Bollywood fan I really liked the effect, so I kept going and going until I had enough for two lacy strands.
I do like when a piece has a mind of its own!


  1. I agree, Cat, that it's a great feeling when the piece tells you what it is going to be and everything comes together perfectly.

    This is lovely - the lacy look is divine as are the colors!