The big 5-0 and a sale!

It's true. I am 50 today. 
And I want to celebrate with all of you. It's a little difficult because I only own five chairs not counting the armchair, the computer chair and the odd red metal one.
I'm not so sure about the cake, either. Baking is not my strong suit because I don't do it often. Or maybe I don't do it often because it's not my strong suit?
I can't invite you to a garden party because our garden is not very big. Pity. My potato salad really isn't that bad.

So what to do? How about a sale in both of my shops?
Today you can save 30% on all ready to ship items over $10 in my Zibbet or 10 € in my DaWanda shop. There is something for everyone!
Just use the coupon code 50BIRTHDAY.

No worries, I won't send a slice of cake along ;-) Have fun browsing!

P.S. The reason for the look on my face is not the big 5-0, by the way. I never trusted cameras ...


  1. What a cute picture.

    I hope you had a great 5-0 birthday.

    1. I loved those shoes! I remember that my godmother took us to the playground after the ceremony to keep us entertained and I was allowed to go on the swing despite being dressed all in white.