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1930s England.
He's living and acting under a pseudonym. Albert Campion, a man from an aristocratic family, is not really a sleuth, but he helps people out with their problems, anyway. He's at home in the high class circles just as much as he knows his ways around the underworld.

This time he has to find out who wants to steal an invaluable family treasure, a chalice that is hundreds of years old. And not only is he always open for anything that might come his way, he tends to take things with humor, too.

Campion: I'm told on good authority there's a witch operating in the high street.
Penny: Mrs Munsey?
Campion: She didn't leave her card. Only a wax effigy and a couple of pins.
Penny: In the lady chapel of the church there's a list of witches put to death in 1624. Every other name on the sheet is Munsey.
Campion: Does Mrs Munsey live in the village?
Penny: About half a mile outside in a sort of hen house with her son. They're both simple, poor things.
Campion: I might pay a call. I've been having trouble getting hold of bats' wool and newts' eyes. I've tried Harrods, Fortnum's ....

Campion, UK, 1989 - 1990

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