Oldies but goodies - Opal and opalite

I have always loved opals. When I looked at pictures of opals as an introduction to this post, I was ready to sit down in a corner and whimper. The colors, the varieties, the COLORS!
Black opal, jelly opal, milk opal, blue opal, pink opal, fire opal, boulder opals ... these are just names that really don't do much to conjure images of what that really means.
I remember getting a pair of opal earrings for Christmas that I had practically begged for when I was 18. I was so disappointed that one of them only showed a very small speck of color. For me opal was all about the ... oh wait, I had already mentioned that, I think ... colors.
Little did I know then about how spectacular opals could really be. Learn more about them here in this link.

To make this week's Oldies but Goodies Challenge at the Jewelry Artisans Community easier for the members, not only opal pieces were allowed, however.
In the collage you will also find opalites. Can you tell what is what? Don't forget you can click the picture to enlarge it a little.

1 RioRita
2 MC Stoneworks
3 Cat's Wire
4 Jewelry Art by Dawn
5 Violetmoon's Corner
6 Robins's Jewelry, Antiques, & Collectibles

P.S. Google "Virgin Rainbow opal" and read the story of that gorgeous rare opal. I wish there were more pictures to find, though. I saw it in a documentation and it absolutely blew me away! You are welcome to buy it for me, my birthday is coming up in June, you know ....


  1. I Love opals, manmade of real, I have seen some gorgeous Ethiopian opal necklaces, the color and the sparkle is phenomenon.

    Did you have to tell about the virgin rainbow opal ....... <3

    1. Absolutely. Why should I be the only one to drool over it? :-D

  2. Such a great variety and color variations in the challenge pieces. Beautiful!

  3. The pieces in the opal challenge were gorgeous!

    When I graduated from high school my grandmother wanted to buy me a gift and I requested an opal ring. Still were it too. I love to look at it's fire and, of course, it reminds me of her.

    Nice collage, Cat!

    1. What a lovely memory.
      Opals have always been special to me.

  4. Beautifully represented Opal jewelry! I myself am an Opal freak Love this collection!

    1. We all know that you are our opal queen, Irith :-D