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It was the night before my final English test and I wanted to go through some vocabulary. Instead my brothers, my sister, and I watched a movie then. We found it hilarious.
Now that I started to watching classic horror movies, I couldn't leave this one out. Our favorite quote is still funny to me even though I've learned to appreciate the movie in a different way.
This post is dedicated to my sister and my brothers. Oh heck, and to my English teacher at the time even if she didn't like me.

One man is already dead, killed by the mysterious strangler, the phantom who lives in the catacombs of the Paris Opera. There is only way to avoid being killed as well if you go after it and Ledoux from the Secret Police knows just what it is.

Ledoux (title card): Keep your hand up - the strangler's noose coils quick!

Seriously? Wouldn't it make more sense to hold the hand just a little closer to your head then? What do I know, though ;-)

The Phantom of the Opera, USA, 1925

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