Tackle that stash - Cab on cab earrings

It's not the first time that I have been experimenting with what I like to call "cab on cab". It simply means that there's not just one cabochon in a wire knit setting, but two.

In this case I used oval mother of pearl disks. Of course it makes sense that the bottom cab is as flat as possible which makes it easier to hold the top cab in place when making the bezel. A slight dome is fine, but flat is better.
I had two of those disks that came to me via a destash, now I needed to find two cabs that worked in both look and size. From the same destash I had two black acrylic cabs that worked like a charm. In fact they were the only ones in my stash that fit so perfectly, and I liked the contrast between the shimmering grey-white and the black, too.

When looking at the earrings you can see the mother of pearl shimmering around the black, and if the angle is right, there's the illusion of a mother of pearl ring surrounding the top cab.
From the side, however, you notice the domed look.

So far all the pieces I made like that are rather small, but I think eventually I'll have to explore the possibilities of a bigger piece.

The earrings are available in my DaWanda shop.