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We live in a time of constant technological progress. It's amazing - and scary - what has been invented over the last century.
Just look at old science fiction movies. Some of what used to be fiction is reality today.
One of these things are robots. Granted, we are not quite at the point where robots take over all the unloved household chores and hopefully we are far away from the point where they take over the world ;-)

Today's quote is about robot love in the 60s.
Many good agents from the secret government organization Control have already been victims of Kaos agent Octavia. It's time to send in Hymie the robot. Surely he will not fall in love with her?
Things don't quite go the way the Chief and Maxwell Smart expected them to, though. Octavia turns out to be a robot herself.

Hymie comes in while Octavia is loading her battery.
Octavia: Hi.
Hymie: Hi. May I try that?
Octavia plugs him in and Hymie starts smoking.
Hymie: I guess we're not wired the same.
Octavia: Wouldn't it be boring if we were.
Hymie: May I?
He closes the battery cover.
Octavia: Now as soon as you put all those papers in your briefcase, Hymie, we can go.
Hymie: I've never met anyone like you, Octavia.
Octavia: I've never met anyone like you, Hymie.
Hymie: You're different somehow.
Octavia: Thank you.
Hymie: The cute little way you click your eyes, the way you make my gyros race whenever you kiss me, the way my oil boils when you're near.

Ah, sweet, sweet love ...

Get Smart, USA, 1965 - 1970

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