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I played my sister's records of the soundtrack up and down and to this day I still adore the songs and the dancing in the movie. And oh man, I was desperately in love with Treat Williams back then.
I also remember haircut discussions only too well, so here you go.

Berger: Whaddaya say, Pop?
Mom: Whaddaya say, what?
Berger: Nothing, Ma, nothing. Pa?
Pop: Ya need money, get a job.
Mom: Money? You're talking about money? What do ya need money for?
Berger: Nothing, I just need it.
Mom: Who is she?
Berger: Who is who?
Mom: The girl.
Berger: What girl?
Mom: Who's the girl?
Berger: There's no girl. What are you talking about?
Mom: You can tell us everything. We understand everything.
Berger: What are you talking about? There's no girl. I need some money, that's all.
Mom: You need money. Tell us the truth!
Berger: What are you talking about, telling the truth?
Pop: Goddammit. Every time you come home, there's trouble. Why don't you clean yourself up a little bit? Why don't ya get a haircut? Get a haircut and I'll give you the money. You don't even have to pay me back.
Berger: You give me the money if I get a haircut?
Pop: Try to do something to make us happy.
Berger: You'd give me the money if I cut my hair?
Everyone is yelling at the same time.
Mom: Gimme your pants!
Berger: My pants are clean!
Mom: Gimme your pants!
Berger: Why? They're clean, for Christ's sake!
He's following his mother into the kitchen when she gives him a sign.
Mom (softly): How much you need?

Hair, USA/Germany, 1979

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