Tackle that stash - Daisy chain necklace

This week I have another quick project to share, but believe me, in regards of tackling stash it was mighty successful.
I used up all the blue and red seed beads for this, to the last bead. I think I used up all the silver tone metal beads as well although it's possible that some of these are still hiding somewhere because I dropped them once.

Can you believe that I never made a real daisy chain as a child or a teenager? I was too late for the true hippie era and no one ever taught me how to make one.
So when I checked out the daisy chain stitch for my doll project, I knew it would be perfect to use up some beads and make something sweet and girly for the daycare center.
Who knows maybe it inspires the girls to try it themselves? After all I've been told the 70s are back!


  1. I do believe you that you didn't make them as a child. I didn't either. Made some (3 necklaces I think) a few years back though. :)

    Did you know that there are different ways of making this stitch.
    I ran across a Russian and a Chinees or Vietnamese site long time ago and they mede them completely different from the way I had learnt it. :)

    1. Oh good, I thought I was a pathetic outsider :-D

      I didn't know that. I wouldn't even have known if I had done it any other way because I just jumped into the first tutorial I found.