Tackle that stash - Wire knit ring with tiger iron

When I look through my supply drawers to find inspiration for the weekly challenge, I usually go through my lampwork and cabochon drawers first.
It is such a pity to hide those beauties away instead of making something with them. This tiger iron cabochon must have spent years waiting for me letting it out.

The other day I started combining double layer wire knit rings with beads, cabs, and gemstones (stay tuned for more), and I thought the tiger iron would make a wonderfully bold and modern ring.
I chose the light golden wire for contrast and feel it works great with the shimmering tiger's eye in the cab. Tiger iron is a combination of hematite, brown tiger's eye, and red or brown jasper which make for beautiful patterns.
At first I wanted to make the whole ring light golden, but then I went for even more contrast and made the band from a gunmetal wire using a very fine crochet hook which makes the band so smooth and nice to wear despite the size of the ring. This is not a ring to overlook easily!

It is available in my DaWanda shop now.