Quote of the week

1. Today's quote is a little late. I have a severe case of head mush. For those who are not familiar with this scientific term, let's call it a cold ... the whole program, so thoughts take a little longer to make it through.

2. Today I'll do something I usually don't do. I combine the quote with something I made, something that was inspired by the movie. Let me show you a picture. This is my first extended pattern loomed cuff. In case you can't see through the shiny beads that made it so hard for me to take a picture of it, it's a shark.

3. You know the movie, right?

This quote is for my little brother. He knows why, and no, it's not because he likes to wear ugly hats.

Martin Brody, Chief of Police, to an elderly swimmer with a "smart" swimming cap on: "That's some bad hat, Harry."

'Nuff said.

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