First glimpse of Christmas

Sorry, but I happened to watch one of the Boston Legal Christmas episodes and it got me in the mood to put together this one of a kind set of Christmas ornaments part of which I had already made a while ago.
You wonder what the house has to do with it? In Germany when drawing a house like this one children say one syllable of this sentence with each line "Das ... ist ... das ... Haus ... vom ... Ni ... ko ... laus." which means that this is St. Nicholas' house.
I looked it up, it has 44 possible ways and is a problem from graph theory. Who would have thought?

All ornaments are crocheted wire tubes which have been shaped, attached in the right spots and flattened. This took me quite a while and quite a few Boston Legal episodes, I'm telling you! ;-)

You can find the set in my ArtFire studio now.

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