Kitty Halloween

Halloween is creeping nearer and cats, well, they are always creeping around here (except Greebo who is snoring up a storm right now) and how things sometimes go ... I lost my Halloween witch cuff. Not really lost as in "no idea where it is, I have been looking everywhere!", but as in "ooooh, I like, did you want to keep that?". Money changed hands in a dark alley at midnight, the witch flew off with someone else and I had the best excuse to make another one for myself. Alright, baby! Or maybe alright, kitty?

P.S. The tail is crocheted from wire with beads. I didn't lose the touch for the hook, hehe.


  1. Thank you both! Ponder supervised the procedure and approved by trying to steal it! *lol*

  2. Awesome! Didn't notice you've started beadweaving too :)

  3. Hey hey, long time no see!!
    I started looming two months ago, forced by our dear Erin ;-)
    I find I haven't been to your blog in too long, you have some great items there!!