A glimpse into the past

You might know that I collect books, new and old ones. But like all collectors sometimes I have to let go of something because of space. The neighbors are stubborn and won't give me their apartment to store my books in it ... even worse, they store their own hundreds of books there! It's a good thing I like them.

So when I find there are books that don't really fit my collection because I won't read them again, because they don't belong to a series or - and that's rarely the case - because I never even read them, they have to go, to a used book site, to a library, to a book project.
The books I'm talking about today are children's books from the 30s and in Gothic print, so I couldn't think of anyone spontaneously who would want to have them. Many people can't read that print anymore.
When I picked up one, a little note fell out, a note from 1937 when a grandmother gave the book to her grandson. Some words I could read right away, with others I struggled a bit and for one I thought I'd need my Mom's help, but then it suddenly came to me.
Am I proud? Heck, yeah! I can read Gothic print just fine and without hesitating. I also did learn Sütterlin in elementary school (yes, so I'm old, shoot me), but just so we would get an idea of it, not really thoroughly.

Wanna give it a try, too? The only word that is missing half in the picture is the town mentioned on the second page ... Donaueschingen. That's all you'll get ;-)

You know what's weird? I don't want to keep the books, but I want to keep the note. Ungh.

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