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You may have wondered where I am or maybe you haven't. I've been down with a fever the last few days and while on one hand I have enlarged my knowledge on 50s movies and watched some of my DVDs again because my brain wouldn't allow for much more, on the other hand I have seemed to lost my ability to count until six. You'll hear more about that later, though ... I hope.

Today's quote is from one of my favorite TV series once again. I wonder how much longer the DVDs will hold out against my excessive use of them ;-)
I just watched this episode today and the quote made me think because it's so true.

Alan Shore: I have never ever considered myself someone who puts work before friendship. Seems I do.
Jerry Espenson: We all do, Alan. Friendships are a little like backyard gardens. We plan to tend to them. We just always seem to put it off till next week.

It's not just work, though. It can be anything. Maybe it's time to tend to our backyard gardens now?

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