Crystal planet

I'm waiting for beads. I'm not good at waiting. The only way not to go and stalk the mailman is to distract myself. Changing sheets, doing laundry, eating pumpkin soup (that I didn't have to cook which always is a big plus) takes my mind off the beads only for so long, though. I dug into my stash (unfriendly people would call it hoard and imply I need an intervention) and pulled out some orphaned beads. Ok, not that orphaned, the green ones that I got from a friend were more of a small orphanage which now has been closed (I used them all up).

The result is this little rock crystal planet, surrounded by small green moons ... ehm, which can't move much, 1. because they are all on the same crowded orbit and 2. because I tied them to each other with two strands of silver wire. Yay, I'm evil on a planetary level, even if it's just a very small one ;-)


The pendant is available in my Von Dir-Shop now.