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Ok, I know. Sequels are rarely, if ever, as good as the first movie. The one I chose for today is not as good as the first one in my humble opinion. It's nice however and it's fun to watch, especially the scenes with Peter MacNicol as Dr. Janosz Poha, my favorite character in this movie. And of course I may choose because this is my blog. HA! Gotcha there.

Dana, the cellist from the first movie, is working at a museum now restoring paintings (am I the only one surprised about her being so multi-talented?).
In this scene you see people carrying a painting of Vigo (who'll try to possess Dana's baby boy later) in and you see Janosz supervising everything.

I'm glad I am not the assistant he's addressing in today's quote. The look on her face and the way she's shaking her head suggests she's not amused. 

Janosz (in a heavy accent): Everything you're doing is bad. I want you to know this.

Alright! So uplifting. I guess Dr. Poha never attended a leadership seminar ;-)

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