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I have been wanting to post this for a long time.
No idea if Americans know the Frenchman Louis de Funès, but I grew up with his movies. Some are just silly nonsense with lots of face making and puns, but some are brilliant.
In one of the brilliant ones de Funès is a bigoted factory owner who involuntarily gets involved with an Arab rebel which finally forces both to pose as rabbis to save their lives.
There is much more to it, a wedding, red hair, a Jewish chauffeur and green bubblegum. Hilarious all the way through. And also there is an abundance of quotes, but I would like to share this dance with you. Ignore the words, they are not that important.
The people think that they meet Rabbi Jacob after many years that he spent in the USA and the lady proudly announces that he'll dance for them now. In my opinion it's one of de Funès' best scenes EVER! I hope you'll enjoy as much as I do each time that I see it.

Thank you for the upload, MesoniLangea!

The adventures of Rabbi Jacob, F, 1973

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