Oldies but Goodies "Ice" - The third door

Today the JAC Oldies but Goodies Challenge is about ice.
According to Wikipedia ice is "water frozen into a solid state. Depending on the presence of impurities such as particles of soil or bubbles of air, it can appear transparent or a more or less opaque bluish-white color".
Although it would be great to work with icicles - I mean, have you seen some of those beauties - it might be a little difficult in jewelry, but quartz, rock crystal and clear glass crystals have almost the same effect as you can see in all the items in this thread.

Of course I do have a sneak peek for you again.

1 The Crafty Chimp
2 Cat's Wire
3 Jewelry Art by Dawn
4 Violetmoon's Corner
5 MC Stoneworks
6 2 Fab Fristers


Carole said...

That is some gorgeous "ice"!

mcstoneworks said...

Who knew ice could be so beautiful!

JewelryArtByDawn said...

It makes me happy to know that none of this "ice" will ever melt and disappear forever. Beautiful!

Thank you for including my necklace, Cat. :)

Cat said...

Last year I didn't get a chance to photograph any ice because of the mild winter. Let's see how it'll be this year!

vmcdesigns.nl said...

I loved to see the "Ice" entries and surprisingly they waren't cold at all, some had a beautiful warm glow on them.
My entry was sold years ago, thinking about making me a new one because it was so beautiful.

Cat said...

It is, thanks! :-D

Cat said...

And not as cold like this ... can you imagine having an icicle melting on you? ;-)