Year end reflections - The thirtieth door

Another year has gone by. People start making resolutions for the new year and reflect about this one.
What experiences did I make? Was it a happy year? Am I glad to see it go? Do I have high hopes for the new one? Out you go, 2014, I hope you are going to do a better job, 2015?

Actually I'm not one of them. I gave up on making resolutions which only frustrate me if they don't work out. I remember being in school and making the resolution that my exercise books would look impeccable from the next year on. I started that year with a big blob of ink and a mistake on the first page. That was when I decided resolutions were just not doing it for me.
I'm an overthinker all year through and tend to be too nostalgic for my own good, so I'm not into reflections on just one day of the year, either. I don't want to see "my year" on Facebook (it would probably be cat and beady pictures) and I don't really want to think about everything that happened because there are some unhappy memories.

So why, you may ask, am I going on about this? It's time for the Jewelry Artisans Community blog carnival, that's why, and now I find I don't really have to say something.

Let me share Picmonkey's resolutions from their blog instead.
My favorite is definitely #1 ;-)

1. Lose Wait
Enough is enough. We’re getting rid of the whole concept of queues, delays, checkpoints, intermissions, pauses, hiatuses, suspensions, and stops.

Let's check out what other JAC members have to say!

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  1. Lose wait, I love it! As to resolutions, I make decisions at random times during the year, whenever it happens to make sense to me. Sometimes that is New Year's, but only because I usually have a few days off to think about it.

    1. You work too much, mylady! I hope you'll have more time for yourself in 2015 <3

  2. Lost Wait - what a great concept. It seems that we've turned into a society that does a lot of "hurry up and wait" activities and it all seems rather pointless.

    No resolutions for me. All they do is set people up for failure because they are rarely kept. Rather, the start of a new year is a good time to think about what went well and what didn't in the previous year and to give thought to our hopes for the new year.

    1. Or jump into the new year without a plan at all! (That would be me then ;-))