Quote of the week - The seventh door

Christmas decorations - I guess we all have a clear idea what we like. Maybe just a tree with a few ornaments, maybe several big and small trees all over the house, Santa's sleigh on the roof, elves in the garden, and sometimes things change over the years because you have children or more space or less space or cats.

Frasier's father is looking forward to seeing his grandson and pulls out all the decorations he can find, but he's still not quite happy.

Martin: You know, someone's gonna have to go back down to the storeroom. There's still something missing.
Frasier: You must be kidding, Dad. My God, this place couldn't look any more ludicrous.

Martin: Once I saw how these white hairs on his chin looked like a beard, the rest of the idea just fell into place!

Frasier, USA, 1993 - 2004


  1. I've been too busy to start Christmas decorating, but I usually go over the top. I love Christmas decorations. Martin has nothing on me. :)