Zibbet finds of the week "Ice" - The twenty-ninth door

Do you know how to ice skate? I can and I can't. I learned it when I was a child. We had a playground right at the corner which had swings and stuff like that and a court where you could play tennis or roller skate if you didn't mind it being very bumpy. If it was cold enough in winter, they would just get the hose out and spray the court with water to make it into an ice rink.
That's where I learned ice skating. I can't say I was very good at it, I just went round and round, that was pretty much it. Every year I had to re-learn it.
Now let me tell you about the time I was in Garmisch-Partenkirchen with a friend and her family when I was about 10 or 11. We went to the Olympic ice rink there. I had to borrow skates. They were blue plastic and they hurt my ankles like %$§//%. The rink had a cord running through the middle. On the other side tiny girls were practising their pirouettes and tiny jumps while I was struggling to stand on my feet. That ice wasn't bumpy, but it seems I needed my bumps. To cut the story short, in the end I hung on to that cord for dear life and wondered if I would have to stay here forever.
When the groundkeeper/janitor/whatever started yelling at me, I yelled back that I didn't hold on to that cord for fun and that I wanted nothing more than to get out of here. After I finally managed it, I remember pulling those torture skates off my feet and throwing them to the ground.
I can only remember being ice skating twice again after that, once with school when I had no chance to get out of it and once with ... well, that's another embarrassing story, maybe next year.

Now it's time for some ice related items from Zibbet!

Ice/Snow Queen costume by Frock Tarts

Crystal tree pendant by LOC Design Studio
Vintage inspired figure skate tags with holly by Indelible Impressions
Ice blue quartz earrings by Bella & Otis


vmcdesigns.nl said...

I enjoyed ice skating as a child, now a days I think I need a chair with me on the ice to keep me on my feet. :)

Carole said...

Not sure what anyone would do with those crochet skates. Look cute, I guess.

I was very into ice skating as a teenager and am actually quite good, compared to the general population. I had worked my way up to jumps and spins, but quit in college when I realized that I could actually get hurt if I fell. (I had a trick ankle that occasionally would give out.) I haven't been skating in years, not since I took my children, but it's like riding a bicycle, I don't forget how to do it. No more jumps, though.

Dancing Rainbows said...

How fun...brings back happy memories. Absolutely love the crochet ice skates...sooo cute!! Great collection :)

Cat said...

I won't even try. Now I have my stupid ankle as an excuse ;-)

Cat said...

The skates are baby booties and I think they would look very cute in them if they can't walk anyway :-)

See, it was never for me like riding a bike which was odd. Each year I was as wobbly in the beginning as the year before! :-D

Cat said...

Thank you!
I'm always glad to wake up good memories :-D

Donna said...

I used to figure skate as a kid/teenager as well. I enjoyed making the skate tags - brought back fond memories!

Cat said...

Then it was double fun, I suppose! :-D