Quote of the week - The twenty-eighth door

We all know the Ghosts of Christmas from the Charles Dickens story, but Mulder and Scully are visiting different ghosts on Christmas Eve. Mulder heard about a haunted, cursed house in which a young couple had lived many decades ago and made a pact to die together on that day to make sure they would never have to spend a Christmas without each other.
Scully is sceptical as always, but when they meet the couple who tries hard to convince them to make their own pact, she isn't so sure anymore.
In the end things really get tough when Mulder shoots her and she him, but he makes her get out of the house and everything is fine as if nothing happened? Quite a different Christmas!

Scully (coming to Mulder's place): I, uh, I couldn't sleep. I was, um ... *sighs* Can I come in?
Mulder: Yeah. Aren't you supposed to be opening Christmas gifts with your family?
Scully: Mulder ... none of that really happened out there tonight. That was all in our heads, right?
Mulder (unsure): It must have been.
Scully: Not that my only joy in life is proving you wrong.
Mulder: When have you proven me wrong?
Scully: Well, why else would you want me out there with you?
Mulder: You didn't wanna be there? Oh, that's, um ... self-righteous and narcissistic of me to say, isn't it?
Scully: No, I mean ... maybe I did wanna be out there with you.
Mulder: Ah, you know ... I know we said we weren't going to exchange gifts, but, uh ... I got you a little something.
Scully: Mulder ...
Mulder: Merry Christmas.
Scully: I got you a little something, too.
Mulder (chuckling): Oh ...

They sit down to open their gifts and it begins to snow while you hear Bing Crosby sing "And have yourself a merry little Christmas now".

The X-Files, USA/Canada, 1993 - 2002


  1. My husband loved the X Files, so I have watched a few episodes, but I never got into it. The little I watched made me wonder if Mulder and Scully would ever get together, though - must be the romantic in me.

    1. I'm still a big fan. My favorites were the Monster of the Week episodes. If you start with the Mythology episodes (government/alien conspiracy), it's a lot more difficult.

      I swear the kiss between Mulder and Scully in season 9 is one of the most romantic ones ever for me! ;-)

  2. I never watched the X Files.

    I don't know if I've commented about your calendar artwork before, but it is adorable. Love the kitty.