St. Nicholas Day - The sixth door

Today is Saint Nicholas Day.
There are lots of legends around Saint Nicholas, but for us when we were children, it was just important that he left something for us in our shoe or boot.
It's still not unusual to give little (or bigger) chocolate St. Nicks to each other even if you are (seemingly) grown up.

Time for some memories now!

There was that girl from school who told us about her "collection" of chocolate St. Nicks and Easter bunnies. She just couldn't bear the thought of eating them and had collected them on a shelf for years.
I can't tell you why, but I did the same with Easter bunnies for years (I finally got over it), and I wasn't even a kid anymore. I had no scruples about the St. Nicks, though!

Then I just now remembered that when I was in school, 6th grade I think it was, one of our teachers actually dressed up as Saint Nicholas. He picked out a few of the kids to go downtown with him for shopping and to the costume rental, then we put together little gift bags for everyone, with a mandarin, some sweets and nuts.
On the 6th of December instead of English class we drew the curtains, lit candles and sang Christmas songs.
(Believe it or not, with this teacher we even had a class song.)

Of course nowadays children are a little confused here in Germany. Is it Saint Nicholas or Santa Claus?
Let's settle this once and for all.
It's Santa Greebo of course!


  1. Oh yes Santa Greebo has my vote. x

    1. For that he'll try to make it to your house with goodies, too.

  2. Santa Greebo is adorable.

    I really enjoyed your St. Nicholas memories.

    1. Thinking that he only got the job because the first candidate refused to wear the hat!

      Thank you :-)

  3. In the Netherlands there is no confusion, it's St Nickolas of course.

    And later in the month we have Christmas too, so double the fun and presents. :)

    1. You Dutch people know how to celebrate! :-D