Zibbet finds of the week "Christmas ornaments" - The twenty-second door

How do you decorate your tree? Do you like natural ornaments, maybe from straw or paper, that you made yourself, popcorn garlands or apples, sweets and nuts like they were found on the earliest Christmas trees?
Do you change the color scheme for your tree every year or do you love to use the old ornaments that you maybe even inherited from your parents or grandparents? Does a broken bauble almost break your heart? Do you like icicles from glass or little glass birds? How about wooden ornaments from the Ore Mountains - little angels, snowflakes, rocking horses or snowmen?
Questions, so many questions!

My own little tree has wire knit "stars" and some of the first wire crochet baubles that I have made. There's not enough space for anything more, maybe I'll be brave and get a bigger tree next year if the cats behave and bead some ornaments. The old baubles broke over the years, so we had to start new traditions in my family. It makes me a little sad because I tend to be very nostalgic about things like that.

I know I had one or the other ornament in another post with a different topic before, but I don't need an excuse to look for even more, so I went to Zibbet to have a look. And I found ornaments that are a little different ...

Glass icicles, set of 5, by Untamed Rose
Christmas tree ornaments in green felt by Fishes Make Wishes
Moose ornament by Bella Luna Crafters Cafe

Needle felted pet ornament by Fibre Heart Wool Studio

Gold and cream beaded ornament by Crafty Girl Jewelry

Now tell me ... what WILL your tree look like this year?


  1. I have two color schemes that I alternate every year. One is burgundy, gold and green; the other is blue and silver. Since I could not find the ornaments after we moved, I had to put together another scheme. I collect ornaments, so I found that I had enough to do lime green, cream and hot pink. I did have to pick up a few darker green ornaments, because some of the lighter green ones faded into the tree, and I wanted to punch up the color a bit. That's the color scheme we're using this year, with a bit of gold added.

    1. What an unusual color combination, I'd love to see a picture of that!

  2. What beautiful ornaments.

    We've used the same colors the past few years on our big tree - gold, copper, bronze, and crystal. We have a lot of mercury glass ornaments.

  3. I haven't put up a tree in years because we were always out of town visiting family members. Now that those family members are no longer with us, we've started taking a vacation in December to get away from the snow, so still no tree.

    I love seeing other people's trees with all the various colors and ornaments - they're so festive.

    1. Well, and we do know that from your blog http://jewelryartbydawn.blogspot.de/p/a-bangkok-christmas.html (worth a read, people!) :-D
      Great pictures there!

  4. thank you so much for featuring our ornaments, your selections are gorgeous!
    happy holidays :-)

    1. Happy holidays!
      Thank you and you are very welcome, the little trees are so cute!