Saturday night ramblings

That was an epic fail, huh? I dropped out of the advent calendar challenge like the apple onto Newton's head. I'm sorry, but I got overwhelmed by life. As a matter of fact I still am overwhelmed by life, but it's getting a little better, let's say, every other day.

Today the gerbils moved to the new bunny room. I don't quite trust Ponder yet, he gets so excited when his favorite TV program moves that I decided to lock the door again.
My comics are on their shelves, so are my love stories, the Shakespeare collection, and the Patrick Star figure signed by Stephen Hillenburg. And I'm up-to-date with my laundry. Actually I'm feeling pretty good right now.

I also created one or the other thing. I made a few wire knit pendants with crystal trees of life ... lives ... crystal bonsais. I loomed, I told Ponder a lot to stop whatever he was doing (sometimes it involved claws, sometimes his act as the black screen of doom), I gave Esme her meds, kissed Meffi on the head and brushed Greebo (suspecting by now that he's really a Yeti with all that hair) and I watched loads of DVDs giving me more ideas ... if I only knew how to realize them yet ...

I ate too much around Christmas, I rarely check my mailbox (can you tell I'm not expecting a bead order?), and I just turned on the dishwasher.
I still need to pack up a swap piece and the giveaway prizes from the 1st of December (no, I wasn't lazy, but the first two winners I drew never got back to me, not even after several messages).
I fed my chai addiction with more chai.

And right now I'm staring at a bag full of shells, nope, update, I just picked a piece out ...

*elevator music*

.... two hours later ... 

Saturday night ramblings don't really have to make sense, do they? ;-)

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