Finds of the week - Angels or The tenth door

What's Christmas time or an advent calendar without angels? After all I couldn't resist myself, you remember the angel earrings I showed you the other day.

So I packed some food, put on a warm coat and went out into the cold to see if I could find some ... and guess what, there's a whole happy crowd of them hanging out on Zibbet.

Our first angel is crafted from wood and maybe not what you would have expected. It reminds me of what I've seen in modern churches. Sometimes an angel just isn't chubby and small.

Wood angel by Sawdusted

Now this is a real Christmas angel, ready to guard your tree. And you can even choose a color to make it match perfectly!

Crochet angel tree topper by NGB Lilsprout Boutique

And here we have the chubby kind you have been waiting for. What a happy little angel and so cute!

Blond angel ornament by Family Footprints

We already know that angels come in all kinds of shape, so how about this "skyhound". We also know dogs can be great guardian angels. This charm comes in silver or bronze.

Skyhound charm by Feathered Gems

This was just a very small selection of the angel community ... I hope you enjoyed meeting them.

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